have you already checked the rates of your property for free?

If you want to definitively clarify your ideas on how to set up a sales forecast strategy and face the coming months with a clear and serene idea of where you are going, don’t miss out on a free rate check-up of your property.

You’ll get to know dynamic pricing techniques that will allow you to immediately improve sales and grow profits in the months and years to come.


We’ll tell you how to:

  • sell at even higher prices in high season and increase your brand reputation
  • avoid restrictive sales conditions that make you lose money today and even more so over time
  • increase online visibility in the target micro and macro areas
  • convert more leads from OTAs and your website
  • cut out the middle man better and more often
  • balance sales between high and low seasons
  • adapt sales policies according to the requested periods
  • we will grow your business in the short, medium and long term by applying robust dynamic pricing techniques
  • you will automatically learn how to grow revenue by observing our Revenue Manager who is dedicated to you
  • learn day by day how to set the pricing strategy with your Revenue Manager and to read the monthly reports

No commitment on your part
All we need is your simple “yes.”

We don’t need anything else to process your free rate check-up.

One of our revenue management experts will collect your rate information and analyse analyse it against the 18 business indices that underpin your strategy for success. They will then process your free rate check-up to provide you with tips to apply immediately and improve sales in just a few days (sometimes in a few hours).

What is this screening for?

In 24-48 hours you will receive your free rate check-up via email. A few clear, solid tips to follow to increase bookings and average sales revenue.

What happens after?

After reading the free rate check-up  you will be able to apply right away the advice received and to call directly the Revenue Manager who has processed your check-up to ask for more information about your strategy… and then you won’t want to leave us anymore.

To explain how Revenue Management works is our mission.

Get your free rate check-up within 48 hours.

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