If you’re just reopening after a prolonged period of closure

or every event in your location has been canceled, you can’t miss out on this zero-cost business restart.

A Revenue Manager free of charge for hotels whose operations are suspended in full or in part.

Offer: “Hotels in full or partial shutdown”

Who is this offer addressed to:

City hotels

Mountain hotels

Properties in financial difficulty

This proposal is aimed at hospitality businesses located in art or business-oriented cities and mountain destinations, and properties in financial difficulty (hotels, aparthotels, holiday resorts, etc.), no matter the country in the world, still suffering most severely from the effects of the pandemic, with the specific intent of helping to maximize turnover, visibility and brand reputation, with an ethical and largely sustainable approach.

The proposed solution is specifically developed on the basis of the best performance achieved by each property in terms of turnover – compared to 2020 or 2019, as chosen by the business owner – and intended for immediate implementation from the moment of subscription, with an appropriate pricing strategy, to start capturing demand from the earliest signals of acceleration.


By eliminating any fixed costs for our consultants who will provide expert guidance for your property, while the booking flow is activated by the overall progress of the vaccination campaign, the arrival of the summer season and the widespread longing for vacations.

What does the offer include?

Revenue management partnering with hospitality businesses to provide real support in a free, ethical, and sustainable way.



Three sales experts and dynamic pricing consultants will contact you to verify your property’s characteristics and historical performance data; they will draw up a forecast pricing and strategic plan, which you will approve prior to its market release.



A dedicated Revenue Manager will keep track of your booking performance 24/7, every day of the year, and will adjust rates and available inventory according to the dynamics of existing demand.



By phone, email or videocall, you can interact with a dedicated Revenue Manager at any time to obtain information regarding sales and pricing policy, thus expanding your know-how and optimizing decision-making processes.

A sustainable proposal

Start for free. Continue on a “no cure no pay” basis.

Free of charge until June 30, 2021

Historical/forecasting rate analysis, optimization of distribution channels and publication of annual (or seasonal) pricing plan, license of our revenue management software Revolution Plus included;

Operational support provided by a Revenue Manager directly connected with the property through our software currently being used;

24/7 assistance, all year long, by phone, email and videocall

As of July 1, 2021

✅ Monthly fee of 12% on the increase in turnover compared to 2019 or 2020, depending on your choice

The consultancy period shall continue until December 31, 2021 and can be renewed for additional periods.

This proposal is reserved for accommodation facilities engaging our consultancy services as first year clients.

Reopen your business safely and start earning again!

This offer is a proposal of ethically viable Revenue Management